Hi Jim,

We are very impressed with the results! The program is excellent for any age level. My daughter is in grade 2, and it was brought to my attention by her teacher that her reading level was below grade level. After 2 months, my child is now reading at grade level and expected to excel beyond. The program is well established and Jim is great with children, always willing to help.

My daughter looked forward to her lessons. She was scared of reading at the start - afraid of being wrong. Yet after 2 months, she has started beginner novels and reads on her own! She enjoys sounding out tough words which boosts her self-esteem, and it's nice to see her (age 7) teaching her younger brother (age 4) how to read. Her teacher at school also noticed the amazing improvement.

The program is excellent and would highly recommend it to parents who have children in the same situation as we did.

M. G.

Below is a short video of M. G.'s 7 year 6 months old daughter (R. G.) reading after completing our reading program in 8 weeks:

Please note:

R. G. is a grade 2 student I taught. She had great reading difficulties when she first came to attend my classes, and contributing to her reading problems was the fact that R. G. had learned to pronounce most of the phonics sounds incorrectly - something I see in probably 9 out 10 students I teach. When you learn the wrong sounds, you're going to have reading problems.

No matter the age of the child (or even adult), we always start with the basic foundation building with our reading program, and after just 3 weeks of lessons, her mom commented that her teacher noted on the mid term report card of the amazing improvement in her daughter's reading skills.

I work with children of all ages, and many are older 7 and 8 year olds who are far behind in their reading skills. With older students, the progress is faster, and most of my older students are able to complete both stages of my reading program in 8 to 12 weeks. By the time they complete my program, most students will advance 1 to 2 grade levels, and will be reading at their respective grade levels. With additional time and reading practice, they go on to excel well beyond their grade levels eventually.

If you have a child behind in reading or having reading difficulties, give our program a try. You'll see fantastic results.