Hello Jim,

Thank you for your email, it's lovely to hear from you and really nice uthat you're interested in how we are going. I have to say that your program has turned things around for my 6 year old, Henry and my 4 year old, Owen is doing really well.

I purchased the program because my 6 year old's reading was not improving and he was trying every trick in the book to get out of doing his reading homework. Needless to say this meant there was no extra reading being done. I used your program to go through the sounds one by one again to refresh his memory. Revising the sounds gave him more confidence in his reading. He has gone from a level 6 or 7 to a level 14 in his school reader homework with the aim that level 16 is reached by the end of the school year. I see this happening which is very pleasing. He is also reading junior chapter books by choice! I love it.

Sometimes we need to go in and take his torch because he's reading under his covers when he should be sleeping. It's wonderful! Owen is 4 and reading! And writing! Very impressive. I'm doing the program at a slower pace with him because he gets very tired from pre school but his progress is still amazing. He is reading words and sentences in capital letters and we have just started doing the transition to lower case letters. At night I lay down with him and draw letters on his back as a fun little test, he loves this and it's a great way to revise. I have recommended your program to anyone who'll listen.

Kindest regards,

Leanne B., Australia