Hi Jim,

I would like to tell you the final result turned to be an absolutely great success! His full day camp teacher said on Monday that Sam reads crazily in the waiting time (about 45 minutes to an hour). Three books on Monday 12/31 (one is "Pete the Cat") and 36 pages of "Curious George Flies a Kite" today Wednesday 1/2. We started your program on 10/3 and tomorrow 1/3 will be the end of the 3 months. We love your program!!

Our younger son Sam just about to turn to 6 when we started your program on October 3rd. He is a kindergartner in a ranking 10 public school at east bay of California and had been in two Montessori schools for two year before attending the public school. Though he is very advanced in math, he was always reluctant to read. He can recite the whole books after his dad read a few times for him, but just resist to read by himself. I felt that was because he did not have the confidence to read. He was a very sensitive child and would not do things that he was not sure. And I did not know how to teach him effectively and make him enjoy reading.

When his school required reading one book each day, I thought it was the child who has to read and was frustrated by the school's demanding so much, but not teaching anything but letters and coloring (the things that should be for 2 years old or younger). I decided to find a way to teach my son to read progressively and make him enjoy reading in the shortest time. I search internet and found your program - one of the best things in my life!!

I was so thrill that someone already knew what we need desperately and developed such a smart way to teach children reading. I also realized that this was what I had been looking for. And the phonics you teach through your program is the most thorough and practical way - and it is easy and fun to learn! I observed the way that my son's public school is teaching (the teacher told me she is going to teach phonics as well), and also the way his private afterschool program teaches (though in a much more advanced and smarter way) , none of them even tried to make the children understand why and how the phonics work as a whole. I doubt whether the teachers ever have the knowledge themselves. They just made children mimic the sound of the words one by one and expect them to learn one by one through years of throwing the mud without knowing why. Thank you for giving us this wonderful gift!

Coming back to Sam's learning, the first week was the easiest. Since he is 6 years old, we were able to complete 2 or 3 lessons a day, each day in 10 minutes. I planned to let him to complete the whole program in one month. However, it took 3 months exactly, just as the program was arranged. I decided to teach him whenever we have the time (2 to 3 times a week during lunch pick up time or weekend, but sometime longer than 10 minutes). We completed successfully the 1st stage within a month, but the second stage took longer.

He just broke though this week, starting enjoy reading all by himself since Monday 12/31. He is so happy that he can read without help, telling me with joy how much he read every day when I came home. I did enjoy watching through your teaching videos, a lot of time with Sam, which were really helpful, especially your emphasis on patience :) The mp3 letter sounds clips are also very helpful, especially English is still a second language to me.

We just want you to know how much we appreciate the talent and hard work you put into this wonderful program. Wish every child has the same opportunity that Sam had.

May God bless you and your beautiful family. May you continually cultivate the gift that God gave you to help many children!!

Best regards,
Renee and her family