Hi Jim,

Thank you for checking in to see how my son is doing with the reading.  Koen just turned 6 this month, and is doing an excellent job with his reading skills!  We started your program about a month before he started kindergarten, and I'm just amazed how fast he's learned to read in a short period of time.  I wish I would have discovered your program a long time ago.

Since school has started we have not done as much as I would like with stage 2 due to homework books and projects from school.  We are still working on stage 2 slowly but surely.  I made these flash cards that seems to help out a lot.  Although, we are almost done because the words are becoming easier for him to read, and he is reading a little bit faster.

Thanks again for your wonderful program, and all the hard work you and your family put in to making it a success. Any chance I get, I try to recommend your program - whether it's at my kid's school, daycare, work, and chatting with friends.

Martha B.