Success Story Videos With 1 Year Follow Up

I'd like to share an amazing success story of a little girl named Kaira. At 4 years 5 months old, her mom started teaching her to read using our phonics & PA reading program.

The amazing thing is, she sent me videos showing her daughter's incredible progress after just 2 weeks with our program, and about 6 weeks after that, she sent in another video showing Kaira's progress.

About one year later, Kaira's mom sent me a follow up update that also included some photos of Kaira's writings. By this time (5 years old), Kaira was not only an amazing reader, but also an incredible speller as well!

Without much further ado, here's Kaira's amazing story:


Hi Jim!

I just want to share with you my daughter's progress after just starting your program 2 weeks ago. She has gotten so well at segmenting and blending words. She occasionally makes mistakes but overall, she's doing excellent! I know you recommend at least 3 days to work on a lesson but since she knows her letters and letter sounds, she just went through the lessons quickly. I couldn't stop her! It's amazing to see her read and be so confident about it too! She can even now spell some 3 letter words (man, cap, dog) and write them down (she has very good fine motor skills and loves to write and draw). I'm so proud of her. 

She's 4 years and 5 months.

Maybe it helped that I somehow started blending before she turned 4. She did some blending when I introduced some word families to her. She did well on that but I wasn't really sure how to get her going with reading until I stumbled upon your program. I mean, I wasn't even looking for a reading program but when I visited your site and spent about 30 minutes to an hour reading it, I thought to myself "wow, this is an amazing reading program and this is what I need to help my daughter learn to read." I'm so glad I clicked on this guy's blog who happened to talk about your program. Two weeks later, here I am, emailing you how well my daughter is progressing in learning to read. It's really amazing!

Another progress she has made since she started your program is learning to spell. My daughter loves to draw and write and she occasionally writes the words "I, love, you, Mommy, and Daddy" when she's drawing our family. She can spell these words because she has memorized them. Then this past weekend, I tried to ask her to spell certain words such as dog, cup, hot. I instructed her to sound them out and then write the letters for each sound. Well, she was able to do it! I was completely blown away. After a week from starting your program, she can actually spell 3-letter words on her own and not from memory! Then a couple of days ago, she drew a car and then asked me how to spell stop so she could draw a stop sign. So I told her to do the same thing, sound it out and then write the letters. And yes, my daughter spelled the word "stop" right. :)

Again, thank you Jim for your brilliant reading program!

Farah G.

Here's the short video Farah sent us of her 4 year old daughter reading (Short Story from Lesson #20 in Stage 1 of our reading program) after just 2 weeks of lesson with our learning methods:

Please Note:

The results you see in the videos with Kaira, at the amazing speed which she progressed using our reading program, is NOT typical of all children. Based on my experience of having taught so many children to read over the years and combined with thousands of feedbacks I've received from parents, a more reasonable time frame (depending on age of child) to reach a similar level of progress would be about 6 to 10 weeks and not just 2 weeks as Kaira was able to achieve. A big pat on the back for her mom for being such a great teacher!

About 6 weeks after the initial email and video, Farah sent us a new video of her daughter reading after just 8 weeks of lessons with our reading program. Here's what she had to say:

Hi Jim,

Just sharing my daughter's progress in reading. She's beginning to read Step 2 books now. We're still not done on stage 2 and we also make sure to review past lessons. She is getting so much better at reading. She always tries to read the books she sees around the house. I'm so happy with her progress!


Progress Update - 1 year later

About 1 year later, Farah sent me an update on her daughter's amazing progress - not with just reading, but with writing and spelling at just 5 years old. See below:

Hi Jim! It's been a year since we started your program (August 30) and my daughter's reading skills continue to develop. She now reads beginning chapter books (Katie Woo, Mercy Watson) and is a splendid speller. She writes sentences and some short stories too. She started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago and she is currently 5 years and 4 months old. I have never thought that after a year from starting your program, she would be where she is now. We are so proud of her! Attached are some of her work.

Thank you so much again, Jim!


5 year old can spell and write

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