Reading At A Young Age Makes Children Smarter

Did you know that reading can increase a child's IQ by over 6 points?

Reading makes your child smart

Take a look at what the latest research have uncovered...

How to Boost Your Child's IQ by Over 6 Points

The simple act of reading with your children can help to increase their IQ by over 6 points, where the child is an active participant during reading. It's really that simple!

This was a finding published in a study titled "How to Make a Young Child Smarter". Researchers Protzko, Aronson, and Blair looked at various means of enhancing a young child's intelligence, and they found reading to be strongly correlated with boosting a child's IQ.

More importantly, the researchers discovered that the earlier the reading takes place, the larger the benefits. [1]

Parents, don't delay. Don't miss the perfect opportunity to help boost your child's IQ. Start reading with your child, and even better yet, start teaching your child to read.

Watch the Amazing Reading Abilities of These Young Children

Want to see how these children are able to read so well at such a young age? You can click here to watch a short video on how we use a proven method to teach children to read. Hint: we do not recommend the teaching of sight words memorization.

Early Reading Corresponds to Higher Intelligence Throughout Life

In another study titled "Does Learning to Read Improve Intelligence?", researchers Titchie, Bates, and Plomin found that young children with strong reading skills early in life perform better on IQ tests.

This study looked at the reading skills and intelligence levels of 1,890 pairs of identical twins. Studying twins allows the researchers to set aside genetic and environmental factors, since the twins share the same genes and grow up in the same environment.

Their study found that "twins with better earlier reading ability compared to their identical, tended not only to have better reading at subsequent measurements but also higher scores on general intelligence tests." [3]

So, even between identical twins, the sibling who is a better reader would grow up to have higher intelligence levels! Isn't that incredible - the simple fact that being a better reader leads to a higher IQ.

Here's what you can do...

How to Easily Teach Your Child to Read and Raise a Smart Child

After reading all the science facts above, you are probably very anxious to teach your child to read right now.

So you might be wondering how you can teach your child to read...

Perhaps like most parents, you have no teaching experience, or have little to no phonics knowledge... What can you do?

But that's okay! Here is a super simple, proven reading program with 50 step by step lessons that will enable you to easily teach your child to read better than all other kids! Even if you have zero teaching experience or have no phonics knowledge.

This is the same teaching method that taught the children in the video above to read, and it is the same program that tens of thousands of parents, just like you, have used successfully to teach their children to read - even children as young as 2 and 3 years old, and children that have no alphabet knowledge yet. Click below to get started...

Yes! I Want to Teach My Child to Read.




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