Storybooks For Every Early Reader

Reading to and reading with our children can be a fun and entertaining activity, for both the parent and the child. Reading allows children to experience and explore different storylines, learn about new things, enhance vocabulary, and open their mind to a whole new world of exploring. For the parent, reading with their children provides a meaningful and fulfilling activity where they can spend valuable time with their children. Reading also helps children develop better reading skills.

There are countless colorful, interesting, and well written children's books with appropriate reading levels for all ages. We'll provide our reading lists for children with book recommendations that we think are very fun and enjoyable to read, and they are also approved by our own kids.

Books & Reading Lists - Children's Books Based on Reading Level

Some of our favorite early reader books include Little Critter Books by Mercer Mayer, Dr. Seuss books, and various Step Into Reading books from different authors.

I have to say though, that my personal favorite books are the Little Critter Books! I haven't quite figured out why I like these books so much, but I really enjoy reading them with my children.

We have most of the Little Critter books, and one of my favorites out of this collection is the Just a Little Critter Collection

This is a collection of 7 Little Critter books combined into one big book! The stories are simple and fun to read, and you end up spending a lot less by buying the 7 stories combined into one big book.

Some of our other favorites are the "Step Into Reading" books. These include hundreds of different children's books that are categorized into different reading levels. In total, there are 5 steps in "Step Into Reading" books, each with its own reading skill level, and these are:

Step 1: Ready to Read - appropriate for preschool to kindergarten children.

Step 2: Reading with some help - appropriate for preschool to grade 1 children.

Step 3: Independent reading - appropriate for children in grades 1 to 3.

Step 4: Reading paragraphs - appropriate for children in grades 2 to 3.

Step 5: Ready for chapters - appropriate for children in grades 2 to 4.

There are some overlap in the steps since different children will have different reading skills. Children that learn to read at a young age will always excel at reading. Below, we'll list some of our favorite books, or I should say our children's favorite Step Into Reading books.

Step 1 books:
Finding Nemo - Best dad in the sea
Big Egg
Toy Story - Me too, woody!
The lion and the mouse
Mouse makes words
DC Super Friends Flying High
Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill

Step 2 books:
Oh My Pumpkin Pie!
Princess and the Frog - Kiss the Frog
Five silly fisherman
One Hundred Shoes
Catch the Bus (Berenstain Bears)

Step 3 books:
Dragon's Scales
The Incredible Dash
Whales the gentle giants.
Arthur and the School Pet
Christopher Columbus

Step 4 books:
Hungry Plants
A Dozen Fairy Dresses
Pixie Hollow Paint Day
The Great Houdini
The Little Mermaid

Step 5 books:
The Trojan Horse

Note: The book names in BOLD are books that I really like. =)

Once you and your child get into these books, the one thing you'll notice is that some of the books seem a bit too easy for its category, while other books seem a bit too difficult for its category. You'll also notice that for some step 1 books, while the sentence structure is very simple, the story includes words that are rather difficult for beginning readers, and this is where I think some of the authors fell a bit short. But don't let this discourage you. Step Into Reading has some of the best children's books, and it is a series of books where the storybooks are categorized based on reading levels. Some of the books are truly fantastic and fun to read.

Beyond these books, we get into graphic novels for kids and early chapter books. The ones my kids enjoy reading include:

My Life Series... by Janet Tashjian
Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott
The Kingdom of Wrenly by Jordan Quinn
Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo
The Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne
My personal collection of Marvel Comic books (from the early 90's!)

As far as Captain Underpants goes, while the kids had some fun reading it, I can't say that I would wholeheartedly recommend these books. Aside from the crude humor, there were just too much pee, poo, fart, barf, and butt words coming out of my kids' mouths after reading these books, that my wife and I decided that enough is enough.

To be able to read these entertaining children's books, children must first learn to read by developing some basic reading skills. As parents, we can help our children accomplish this with a simple, step-by-step reading program.

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